Lauren Richardson

Lauren Richardson


Lauren Richardson

Lauren Richardson


Where did you train?

Northern Ballet School Manchester


Diploma in Professional Dance

Highlight of career

Getting an agent before I graduated

My Story

I started dancing from the age of 2 and instantly fell in love with it. Over the years I have grown as a person and performer and found that dancing is such a huge part of who I am. I did briefly train with Dance Expression many years ago but, had to move due to where I lived at the time. Miss Anna and Lucy have always been so supportive of me and still to this day continue their support! I have recently graduated from NBS with a Diploma in Professional Dance and I am excited to see where my career goes. I also love to sing and be on the stage ! I am now signed and being represented by an agency in London and waiting for more auditions to come through , so being able to teach at DE will keep me going for sure !

What do you love about dancing?

I just love to dance. It’s an escape for me and I forget all the stresses and pressures in the world! I love learning new things and love how dancing makes me feel.

What do you like about working at Dance Expression?

I’m so excited to work with such talented students and being able to learn so much from the team.

What's your favourite thing about teaching?

I love passing on my knowledge of what I have learnt over the years. Being able to see students gain more confidence and love for dance just like I did !

We're so pleased to have Lauren back at DE, she is a fabulous performer, we know our students are going to really benefit from her classes