Advanced ballet students, which have developed strength and technique, are invited to join our Pointe Class to take their ballet skills to the next level. 

Pointe technique is part of the classical ballet technique in which a ballet dancer supports body weight on the tips of their fully extended feet within pointe shoes.

Pointe class is a highly focused class which requires discipline and dedication.

A minimum level of grade 5 ballet is required to join Pointe Class.  Ballet dancers will be invited by their class teacher when they have met the required skill set.  

Once invited, this will be run alongside their ballet programme.

What are the benefits of Pointe Class?

Pointe exams

Pointe work is included in vocational exams with both the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).    Dance Expression adhere to the strict code of conduct set by RAD and IDTA LINK (add to ballet genre too)

The qualifications gained can also count as UCAS points in the vocational grades.

Pointe performances

Parents and family are invited to either a “Watch Week” where you can view how your child is progressing or to a show.

How to book

Our classes are currently £5.50 per one hour session.  Classes are booked and invoiced per half term.  You will receive an invoice via email which is payable via BACs.

Classes will automatically be renewed, you do not need to re-enrol for each half term.

To cancel classes, please notify 2 weeks before the end of half term, as per our terms and conditions.  Please see our Cancellation Page.

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