Laura Ventress

Gymnastics Leader and Class Teacher

Laura Ventress

Laura Ventress

Gymnastics Leader & Class Teacher

Where did you train?

Scarborough Sixth Form


Zumba (all genres) Sports leaders, Higher sports leaders (level 1 coaching in most sports) Gymnastics coaching through Winstrada, Clubbercise, Bokwa


Malton and Norton Teacher of the year

Highlight of career

I am extremely proud that I have been a part of the Dance Expression growth.

My Story

I started off with a gymnastics background which I did from a very young age up until the age of 14.

I always had a passion for dance so started taking dance lessons in York until Dance Expression opened. I attended the very first dance lesson at Brooklyn with Miss Anna as the teacher and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since. I trained on the job as I believe experience is key!

Whilst doing this I studied PE, Drama and Health and Social Care at A level working in special needs schools as well. I eventually built up my dancing and gymnastics qualifications to go full time teaching and I love it!

What do you love about dancing?

I love that it gives children lots of life lessons. You can give them skills that can last them a lifetime and knowing that you’ve helped makes me love my job.

What do you like about working at Dance Expression?

I love all the people we meet and get to share a journey with. We get to experience a great sense of togetherness and make great friends along the way.

Every child that comes through the door is unique and I love that we appreciate every child as an individual and work with them to develop and enhance their lives.

What's your favourite thing about teaching?

Seeing the joy on kids faces when they achieve something they have worked so hard on.

Miss Laura really puts her heart and soul into what she does!