Evie Hopwood



Evie Hopwood


Where did you train?

Laine Theatre Arts & Wilkes Academy




Being the first student to gain 90 in my Ballet Exam.

Highlight of career

Gaining a place at Laine Theatre Arts at just the age of 15. And moving to London at 16. A Very proud moment as it was the same college miss Anna trained at and I was excited to follow in her steps. And then gaining places at 5/6 colleges the year after, including Performers College (where Miss Emily trained), Bird College (where Miss Danielle trained), Urdang and a couple more.

My Story

I started dancing when I was 6. I went to the first ever Ballet and Jazz class with Miss Lucy and since then I’ve never stopped! I love fashion and makeup as well, so a career in all the would be amazing!

What do you love about dancing?

I love dancing because you can let yourself be free! You can take time to focus on you, and zone out from everyone else. You can get such a thrill when you perform to an audience as you know they are getting enjoyment out of something you love. And there’s no better feeling than that!

What do you like about working at Dance Expression?

I love working at Dance Expression because it’s such a safe environment and great fun of course. Everyone supports everyone else’s success and it’s amazing to see everyone take their own special journey and grow into their own person.

What's your favourite thing about teaching?

Being surrounded by such amazing inspiring students and teachers. Even now I learn new things from you all. You really do never stop learning!

Miss Evie is very kind and patient and she does really fun classes!